Full Name: HR Arizona Sierra Peach JH
DOB: 12/17/07 Passed Away February 23, 2016
Color: Yellow
Weight: 65 lbs
OFA: LR-192958G40F-VPI – Good
CERTS:CHIC # – 76078
EIC: Clear OFA – LR-EIC1435/42F-VPI (Normal)
CNM: Clear – LR-CNM11-555-F-PIV
Pedigree: Sierra’s Pedigree

In Memory of Sierra -Rest In Peace Pretty Girl

How do you begin paying tribute to such a loyal friend, terrific companion and gracious lady? Sierra is the founder and Chief Executive Dog (CED) of Arizona Retrievers, without her there would be no Arizona Retrievers. Sierra was the perfect choice for me, while she wasn’t the sharpest tack in the box, either am I, we made the perfect couple. I knew nothing and she knew nothing. Sierra isn’t fast, she isn’t flashy, more or less lazy, but She is mine and I love that. We played and loved each other and we learned together. Sierra didn’t seek fame or fortune, she just wanted food and treats (lots of treats) and a place to lay down (the warmer the better). Sierra loved laying on the concrete in the summer when it was 114 degrees, she was as happy as ever, she hated cold, made ducking hunt a challenge. Don’t remember who picked up more birds me or her. Oh but take Sierra to Arizona for dove season in September, you would have thought she had won the biggest Milk Bone award. She loved Arizona. But I tell you I never lost a bird while hunting with Sierra, she always found them, maybe she didn’t bring it back but she never lost one. She would stand over a bird until I walked out and picked it up, then she would want it.

I remember the day I decided I wanted a hunting dog and started looking, so on February 18, 2008, Norma Andrew and her daughter (Ashleigh) and I picked Sierra up, she was 8 weeks’ old. I didn’t think I would get her back from Ashleigh, but when I got her home and threw her a ball and she gave me a look that said “you want go get, I am good right here”. I thought I sure hope the retrieving kicks in soon. She did finally catch on and realized that chasing thing could be fun, especially when you she got a TREAT for bring it back. I can proudly say that Sierra was the first in her family tree to ever earn a title from either AKC or UKC. And we owe that success to a young Professional Dog Trainer (at the time) Orie Mathews. Believe it or not Sierra liked Orie. Sierra never knew a stranger or didn’t dislike anyone or dog, she had love for everyone. She is special. Oh and for a couple of years she was known as the Official Seasoned Hunt Test – test dog and she was happy to do it.

Sierra has provided me and a few others with so many memories over the last 8 years, I wish I could share them all. Sierra was always entertaining, never knowing what she might do next; chase her tail, roll over to scratch her back, blink bird, just not pick it up or run the perfect triple. I just let her go, she was full of surprises and love. She has a special place in my heart, thank you so much Sierra, and I miss you so much..