Josie Earns First Master Pass

Arizona Lona Midnight Ranger (Josie) was awesome at her very first Master Hunt Test at the Shreveport-Bossier AKC Hunt Test on May 23, 2015. Josie front foot every mark, except one, and ran almost perfect blinds. She did give a couple of scares at the line, but she held it together. I am so proud of this young lady I could just bust.. Look forward to starting again in the fall.

Josie Master Pass 1

Libby and I Earn Our First Master Pass

On May 3, 2013 Arizona Wolf Creek Hope & Liberty (Libby) and I earned our first Master Hunt Test Pass as a team. Libby has several passes, but this is our first. Libby was running fantastic and didn’t have too much trouble handling me through the three series. She was perfect on marks, and really challenged the blinds. It was very nerve racking for me and I bet I went to the Port-a-Potty 10 times before we went to the line. I can wait for Libby to guide me again.

Libby & I Master Pass

Josie earns TWO Senior Ribbons in 1 Weekend!!!!!

Josie Senior 1Josie Senior 5Josie Senior 2IMG_8232

Arizona Lona Midnight Ranger (Josie) had a fantastic weekend at Shreveport-Bossier AKC Hunt Test. Josie was running like a wild lady. Josie earned two Senior ribbons this weekend. Just to tell you how good she ran, one of the Judges (not to be named Jim) said it was the first time in his judging tenure that he gave a dog a “10” on a Blind. The judge went on to said Josie is going to be something special and very good.. Josie is my girl and she is a sweetheart at home..

Maggie “Aces” First AKC Hunt Test


Arizona Magical Little Dark Secret (Maggie) is no longer a secret. Maggie made her debut at the Shreveport-Bossier AKC Hunt Test on May 4, 2014. Maggie ran the first land mark so fast the Judge asked if she could do it again so he could see it. Maggie said “sure” no problem, just throw the ducks. This little girl has so much energy it is un-real. Maggie is so ready for the next test.

Master National Fall River, Kansas September 29, 2013

Ricky doing it Like THE Pro He IS!!!

Ricky doing it Like THE Pro He IS!!!

HRCH Arizona Watermark’s Ramblin Richard MH (Ricky) completed and Passed the 2013 Master National Retriever Club five day event at Fall River, Kansas and earned his first Silver Plate. Ricky was fantastic, but nerve racking for me, he ran the five day test nearly perfect. He had to be handle on one mark during the fourth series. Ricky had to be clean going into the fifth series and he was. He ran the perfect series front footed all three marks and one whistled the blind to put an explanation point on the test at the end.. I am so proud of this young man I could just bust.


Ricky "The Man" & Rick "The Owner"

Ricky “The Man” & Rick “The Owner”

Ricky "The Man" & Orie "The Handler"

Ricky “The Man” & Orie “The Handler”



SHR Arizona Lona Midnight Ranger JH (Josie)

SHR Arizona Lona Midnight Ranger JH (Josie) – Josie earns her AKC Junior Hunter Title. Josie had a fantastic weekend at Metro Alliance Retriever Club AKC Hunt Test. Josie earned her AKC Junior Hunter Title, she was perfect, I would say that she front footed every mark, but that is not Josie’s way, she has to over run each mark by five feet and then pick the duck up.. To her that is front footing the marks. Josie’s lines were picture perfect straight as an arrow even on the water series where she had to swim across, get out of water, run up hill to mark. Josie was great.. So was the handler, my Grand daughter Rosie.. They make a great team.. Moving on up to Senior/Master for next season.

 Josie RibbonsJosie JH Certificate

HRCH Arizona Watermark’s Ramblin Richard MH

HRCH Arizona Watermark’s Ramblin Richard MH (call name Ricky) earns his AKC Master Hunters Title at Metro Alliance Retriever Club on April 14, 2013. Ricky was running hard and back to his form, front footing marks and lining blinds.. Ricky had a fantastic weekend.. He really looked good. Very focused and determined he breezed through each series. I am very proud of this boy and he is still only 3 years old.. Now to qualify for the Master National in Kansas.

Ricky_MH_Title_RibbonsRicky MH Certificate



SHR Arizona Lona Midnight Ranger

Josie, my butterfly chaser, has turned into quite the gal. She is running long and hard. Josie went 4 for 4 to earn her HRC Started Title at NE Texas HRC Hunt Test. The first two series were at Cowtown HRC Hunt Test. Josie was perfect, she didn’t miss a mark, did not balk at entering the freezing water, she ran and swam her heart out in all four test. And to top it off my Grand Daughter (Rosie) handled her through all 4 events. Both girls did a fantastic job..