SHR Arizona Lona Midnight Ranger JH (Josie)

SHR Arizona Lona Midnight Ranger JH (Josie) – Josie earns her AKC Junior Hunter Title. Josie had a fantastic weekend at Metro Alliance Retriever Club AKC Hunt Test. Josie earned her AKC Junior Hunter Title, she was perfect, I would say that she front footed every mark, but that is not Josie’s way, she has to over run each mark by five feet and then pick the duck up.. To her that is front footing the marks. Josie’s lines were picture perfect straight as an arrow even on the water series where she had to swim across, get out of water, run up hill to mark. Josie was great.. So was the handler, my Grand daughter Rosie.. They make a great team.. Moving on up to Senior/Master for next season.

 Josie RibbonsJosie JH Certificate

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