HRCH Arizona Trumarc’s Midnight Run MH

Scoot was magnificent on this February 16, 2013 weekend at Rose Country AKC Master Hunt Test. Scoot was almost perfect through three series, it wasn’t until the third series and the last bird, the Scoot was handled to a mark. Just precaution to ensure the pass. You can’t take the handle home or save them. Scoot went 6 for 6 to earn his AKC Master Hunter Title. I am so proud of the boy!!!!

HRCH Arizona Watermark’s Ramblin Richard (Ricky) 11/11/12

Masters Pass at Waterloo Hunt Test 11/11/12

Ricky had an outstanding weekend also at Waterloo Retriever Club AKC Hunt Test in Giddings, Texas. Ricky used those long legs of his to hammer anything the Judges threw at him. Ricky ran hard and straight, I believe he front footed half of his marks and ran excellents blinds. Ricky was in the Qual test on Friday and I still don’t know why he was dropped after the third series. But that is the way it goes. In my eyes he was a winner!!!!!

Excellent Job Young Man!!!!

HRCH Arizona Wolf Creet Hope & Liberty (Libby) 11/11/12

Masters Pass at Waterloo 11/11/12

Libby had an outstanding weekend at Waterloo Retriever Club AKC Hunt Test in Giddings, Texas. Ms. Libby was running hard and was dead on her marks while running excellents blinds. Libby gave the Judges nothing to judge as they just sat there and watched her run. This is Libby’s second Masters Pass.

Excellent Job Little Girl!!!!

HRCH Arizona Trumarc’s Midnight Run (Scoot) 11/11/12

Qual JAM and a Masters Pass in one weekend

Scoot had another great weekend. Scoot ran an AKC Field Trial Qualifing Test on Friday Novermber 9, 2012, and received a JAM for his efforts. Scoot was on his game for the first three series, but on the final series he needed some assistance on the middle mark. Then over the next two days Scoot ran an AKC Master Hunt Test receiving a pass on Sunday November 11, 2012. This makes Scoot fourth pass this year, only two more for his title.

Excellent Job Scoot!!!!

Big D HRC Fall Hunt Test September 29, 2012

We had a very good weekend at the Big D HRC Hunt Test in Tennessee Colony, Texas. Scoot earned two more finished passes, Ricky earned two additional Finished passes, Libby earned one Finished pass and Mikey came through with a Seasoned pass. It was a wet and cold weekend, and they were readying to run. Good Job boys and girl!!!!

HRCH Arizona Wolfcreek Hope & Liberty – Libby

This last weekend at the Rose Country Retriever Club AKC Double Master Hunt Test located at Tennessee Colony, Libby earned her first AKC Master Hunt Test. Ms. Libby had an exceptional three series on Saturday and Sunday, with having to have a perfect a run going into the third series, Ms. Libby put it together and hammered the Test which consisted on a double marks, go bird being a 150 yard land/water mark, followed by a 60 yard land mark. On the way back a diversion/poison bird. Run a 150 yard water blind, then pick up the diversion and finally a second 120 yard land blind. Way To Go Baby Girl!!!!!

HRCH Arizona Trumarc’s Midnight Run JH

This last weekend September 21 – 23, 2012, Scoot was the man, at the Rose Country Retriever Club Double Masters Hunt Test at Tennessee Colony. Scoot was as close to perfect as a dog can get. After running two AKC Master Hunt Test Scoot had one handle on a mark out the 6 series he ran, not that he needed one, but you can’t save any of the handles for a later date. Scoots blinds were excellent as well, he lined two of the blinds out of 8 blind setups and he averaged 2 whistles on the other blinds. Needless to say Scoot received more that his fair share of treats..